Dharmendra Singh

dharmendra singh


After having used this framework for several years, I have experienced a radical transformation and witnessed many miracles. I am convinced that it can empower other souls in the evolution of their consciousness while enabling them to find their purpose in life. As a result, I have decided to make it available to the world.

The Motivation Behind this Creation

I mention the incidents below only because it probably is the single most powerful set of events in the recent past that has worked as catalysts in catapulting this work into our three dimensional reality.

Behind every grave adversity, there is the potential for both, spiritual and personal evolution. When we conquer severe trauma - suffering that challenges us most - a purpose may actually be discovered, or strengthened. Much of that which has happened to me since the age of seven has been a resource that I have come to utilize in the development of this framework.

The turning point came in 2010. I had developed several software components - which according to research - were absolutely indispensable if we are to be successful in helping the most vunerable in our communities. This was extremely difficult because I had become homeless after my divorce, was living in a shelter in Canada, had no resources, was addicted to painkillers, and was penniless. This was my first introduction to the Mental Health and Addictions Sector.

The fact that I was creating these solutions without any outside help or financial grant questioned the legitimacy of agencies who were being funded. And to top it off, I have no formal education nor any specialized training. All I do is meditate and throughout the day track my thoughts and emotions trying conciously to move away from attachments and aversions towards love and beauty in thought, word, and deed.

Human Rights Do Not Apply To Me

According to some people, they had sole proprietorship to help others. I was infinging on their territory. After all, they were the ones being funded to create innovative solutions to help those suffering. But despite ample funding and manpower, no progress was being made despite all the research clearly pointing in the direction of what was needed. As a result, I needed to be stopped at all costs, and for these people, even conspiring to have me killed is acceptable.

A group of people came together and formed a team. They went to great lengths to discredit my abilities, demolish my character, and obliterate my existence. They spent money like water and involved thousands of people to poison the environment I lived in.

The best way they figured was to recruit different communities to spread their message. Religious communities, gender communities, art communities, mental health and addictions, and the most active - those who are currently active in not only having my life destroyed, but having me killed by any means possible were groups that pride themselves on love, understanding, and compassion - Alanon, AA, and NA.

They hide behind lies, and seek support through manipulation to carry out their agenda. They ask people to join and help them to first spread the message that I am a monster, and then kill me so when questions are raised, everyone will say that I was evil and someone did me in. They will never face me in public to sought the truth. Never!

Why is that? Why are they hiding to carry out their evil deed? I am right here and am will to come to anyone who wants to know the truth. You can contact me right now. My information and who I am is all over the web.

Insight into the Human Psyche

People who were closest to me, those with whom I shared my personal life did the most damage. While that was very painful, it gave me tremendous insight into the nature of human psyche. Knowing my vulnerabilities due to a lifetime of trauma, these people created extremely elaborate plans over a two year period.

Taking some of my closest associates and relatives into the circle, numerous strategies were designed to stop the development of several social innovation projects I have since created; including www.hightechmindfulness.com.

Psychological, physiological, and financial stress positions were introduced in varying circumstances. Strategies were implemented to push me into a deep state of helplessness, hopelessness, and instability. Media and videos were being circulated online, hate was being spread about me in all shape, form, and size. These people, most of who I know by name, thought they had me exactly where they wanted, spaced out and in a daze.

The efforts to obliterate me has been so extensive, and it has gone for so long that my being alive has been attributed to my being an advocate of the devil. Minds steeped in ill-will, disdain, and aggression cannot comprehend the possibility that when one devotes their entire life to selfless service without the expectation of any kind of reward or remuneration, the entire Universe conspires to aid their cause at every step.

Numerous attempts were made on my life and twice I was left for dead. These acts still continue to this day. Despite all the suffering I have been through, I had never personally experienced such eleborate mental involvement by people to device and strategically implement violence using others at different levels in our society.

While all this has been very painful and troubling, I also find it to be quite interesting because those involved pride themselves as upstanding and educated citizens of society. Protectors of the vunerable and weak, are now busy in the introduction of pain and suffering for personal gratification.

This existence of functioning solely from the Drive for Survival and Affiliation, and the Fight or Flight operandi is what all our spiritual teachers have adviced us to examine and transcend. This is not something new but rather as ancient as creation itself.

Much of my research on human nature suggests that our world operates exclusively through the sympathetic nervous system of Drive for Survival and Affiliation, and the Fight or Flight Reaction (Attachments and Aversions). This is what causes all the suffering we see in this world; and of course in our personal lives. The Parasympathetic Nervous System on the other hand is defined by tranquilty. At any given time, we can be in one or the other but never in both at the same time. Yoga, is the science of moving from the sympathetic nervous system, to the parasympathetic; where beauty, love, and compassion rein supreme. This platform has been designed to help us do this on a thought by thought basis should we choose.

Dharma (Duty)

Little did these folks realize that uknowingly, they were becoming my greatest source of motivation because they continually reminded me of my DHARMA. That is to look deeply into my own life and experiences and ask why I have been led down this path. By being afraid of how I was using knowledge to express myself, they made me aware of its importance.

In the past two decades I have learnt how to use Yoga to nurture my extrasensory faculties to a high degree and know that anyone can and should because this exercise is extremely important for creative insight and the evolution of consciousness. The intuition, and instinct that goes into innovating is the result of being able to raise your energy to resonate with the universal pool of knowledge at will so that you can impact nature in a holistic manner.

I can see with clarity how this framework has the potential to empower people move away from malice, and hate; towards love, kindness, and compassion while at the same time enhancing their creative potential exponentially.

In the end, this work was born out of the relentless suffering life brought to my door step. Suffering, which in time ended up refining my potentialities and giving my life purpose.

Whatever you are given in life, be it immense joy or tremendous suffering, know these are lessons and embrace it because how you entertain these two visitors can make either anything possible; or everything impossible. I hope that you will find this framework more beneficial than do I on a daily basis.



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