You are continuously creating and sending out energy waves throughout the Cosmos. Thus, your creative potential, and the quality of what you create, is dependent upon the nature of the energy emanating through you moment to moment.

Your evolving awareness is what determines your level of mastery over the subtle forces of nature, which is the power behind creation, and which, eludes our five senses. In order to work with these subtle elements, you need to make a conscious effort to awaken them through training.
This software enables you to identify, analyze, and transcend the thoughts, emotions, and intentions that obstruct creative potential bringing greater awareness and energy into both, mind, and body. The gradual, but regular introduction of higher energy vibration can lift the mind into higher states of Oneness or Samadhi.
The above process of harnessing the mind is known as Yoga and it involves conscious and non-judgmental observation, analysis, and neutralization, of both, our gross, and subtle thought patterns that cause internal and external suffering due to a person having conflicting values, emotions, and beliefs within themselves.2

Identifying Errors in Thought

To begin the journey of healing, we will need to delve into the genetics of our makeup and understand why our heart weeps, and what we can do to transcend this suffering; both personal and universal.
The human autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts. The Sympathetic, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

House of Suffering

The part of the human psyche that moves us away from love and compassion towards illwill, disdain, and aggression is associated to the Sympathetic Nervous System.
The sympathetic nervous system regulates our Drive for Survival and Affiliation (Rajas) desires, and our Fight or Flight (Tamas) reactions.
Linked to our drive for survival and affiliation, is an insatiable desire to create an identity for ourselves through striving, acquiring, and achieving.3 Popelled by desire for fruits of our action, and blinded by pomp, power, property, and prestige, we identify everything as seperate from us and become destructive to the point of cruelty.


When our desires are met with frustration, or our opinions and beliefs are challenged, the heart and mind are hurled into the Fight or Flight zone.

Fight Or Flight Reations(Tamas)

We humans are programed from infancy to spend all our time in the sympathetic nervous system. As a result of this, our creative faculties get busy manifesting stress and suffering instead of beauty and tranquility as our identity develops.

House of Love

The part of the human psyche that moves us towards love and compassion is linked to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Sattva). The parasympathetic system is activated whenever we think happy thoughts, and participate in acts of kindness, and selfless service.

Spiritual Inclinations  (Sattva)

It is crucial to remember that the sympathetic (catabolic) and parasympathetic (anabolic) systems work in opposition to each other. Either one, or the other is activated all of the time. Unfortunately, the mind that creates pain and suffering (sympathetic nervous system), always takes precedence, because it is unconsciously motivated by egotistical desires, insecurity, and codependency.4
As a result, the process of self realization will require persistent effort on your part to move from suffering, towards compassion. The goal is to keep your sympathetic nervous system turned off as much as possible by choosing to spend as much time as possible in the parasympathetic nervous system, where tranquility reins supreme.
A tranquil mind is needed for the transfer of information required for cultivation of mindfulness and compassion because the transfer of information between neurons becomes optimal when their activity is synchronized, as in a tranquil mind.5

Is Compassion in Thought, Word, and Deed Possible?

Absolutely! But for any reality to manifest, it has to be summoned into existence through observation and measurement. Using the tools in this framework, you will engage in the process of observing, identifying and recording the strength and weakness of your egotistical desires, and fears, as well as your compassionate inclinations, and selfless motivations.
Before a wound can be healed, it needs to be exposed and the damage assessed. As you progress in the use of this application, you will clearly see how much time you spend nurturing your compassionate inclinations, and how much time is spent wallowing in the ocean of misery, blame and resentment. Without absolute transparency, there can be no progress.
Compassion, like any other physical and academic skills, appears to be something that is not fixed, but rather can be enhanced with training and practice. 6
The cardiovascular system and the brain influence each other during the processing of information. The mere act of paying attention to one's compassionate behaviour when interacting with others, enhances the integrated neurons in the brain. When this is done over a period of time it creates a compassionate state. States become a trait, and a compassionate trait determine one's behaviour.7
The reports of your efforts will enable you to see the ebb and flow to the process that is involved in reinventing yourself. As you progress in your journey of self actualization, the doubt, fear, and resistance you experienced will be transformed into confidence, courage, and acceptance.
By training your brain to spend more time in the happy zone, your mind will establish dominance to transmit joyous and compassionate vibrations. This will harmonize with other like vibrations within the atmosphere, becoming more powerful in its ability to manifest beauty, love, and wisdom.
We will need your feedback and guidance to make improvements to this project, which will aid in the evolution of consciousness for generations to come. Please submit your feedback to