Union With Reality is Yoga

Sutra 1:1 atha yoga anu-shasanam

Now begins the elucidation on the nature of reality through the study of life's building blocks - energy(anu) - the transcendence of which through knowledge, understanding, and experimentation(shasanam); culminates in Yoga.

Teachers, since time immemorial have tried to tell us how we could awaken our divine potential by cultivating our inherent extrasensory abilities to fulfil the purpose for which we took birth. But when we saw that awakening our Godly capacities requires that we look within and analyze our thoughts and emotions - its a painstaking endeavour - we decided that shopping, TV, and idle gossip is a more fun way to spend time. 99% of us decided we would rather remain idle than cultivate the discipline needed to evolve towards Godhood.

Socializing, sex, eating, drinking, working, sleeping, and even hoarding are common to both; humans and animals. What makes us unique is our innate capacity to consciously choose to evolve our awareness from the above realm of habitual existence, towards union with the Divine.

However, evolving our energy towards higher and higher frequencies until it resonates in harmony with the Absolute requires more than listening to a few lectures, weekend retreats, or group meetings. It begins with a conscious commitment to studying your thoughts, emotions, and intentions so you can weed out the lower in exchange for the higher.

By realizing the nature of reality, the individual soul comes to know their inherent potential and composition as being no different than that of the Almighty Spirit. Upon knowing this, the adept realizes unity with the Absolute, or Yoga. So where do we begin our journey of knowing reality? Patanjali begins with anu - energy and atom.

Energy, Atoms, and Yoga

The basic building block of all matter is energy. You and I are made up of energy, which are basically pulsating, oscillating electromagnetic fields that move between two points of rest, like a pendulum, or a wave.

Source: tabi-navi.info

As they move in a wave like fashion, they also rotate intermittently giving it string like characteristics. It is this unique design that enables our 3-D like reality to transpire. (The Ancient Vedic literature of India suggests that there are numerous dimensions where the reality is not 3-D. It is logical to assume then that the spin of the energy (strings) would be different there.)

Source: Science and Nonduality

It is difficult for the Ego to comprehend that it is just energy because to admit so would be to admit that we are nothing but empty space. Most days, you might feel like a pretty substantial person. Maybe you have a lot of friends, or an important job, or a big car. But it might humble you to know that all those things — your friends, your office, your big car, you yourself, and everything in this incredible vast universe — are almost entirely, 99.9999999%; empty space.

Nevertheless, know that every atom from here to infinity is conscious - watching your every thought - your every move. Nothing you do goes undetected and unrecorded through a phenomenon known as “The Holographic Universe”.

Each one of these electromagnetic field radiates its own unique energy signature. The unique signature of an atom is defined by the information it contains and the type of information (quality) defines its intelligence. The greater the intelligence of an energy field, the greater its level of consciousness.

The degree in quality establishes the vibrational frequency of the energy within the atom. The rate of the vibrational frequency within any body of energy introduces a particular order to that structure. This increase or decrease in the order of your energy determines everything, from the nature of your mind, to the potentiality of your extrasensory perceptions.

Relationship of the Mind with the Consciousness

It is the nature of one’s mind that dictates the degree to which an individual consciousness may evolve or devolve. A highly developed consciousness results from information within the mind that is infused with love and compassion, while degradation of consciousness results from a mind steeped in attachments and aversions.

In Yoga, evolution is wholly dependent on a person's inherent ability to express their creative potential through life giving initiatives. Only when creativity is directed towards love and life, does the evolution of consciousness become possible. An act that moves you to tears, a book which sheds light on consciousness, a dance which lifts you up from your seat, an initiative that ends hunger, a voice that ends inequality, an article that awakens you to the divine, and doctors without borders are all examples of art, manifesting as life-giving initiatives. The greater the degree of evolution within an individual consciousness, the higher is the complexity of that life form and greater its creative expression.

What is meant by the complexity of a life form?

Complexity is the degree to which an individual realizes their potential as a creator related to life-giving initiatives. Creativity is not dependent on formal education nor IQ. The ingredients of creativity are too complex and multifaceted to be reduced to a single factor. Creativity is not merely expertise or knowledge but is instead informed by a whole suite of intellectuall, emotional, motivational, and ethical characteristics. source

Creativity is honed and polished life after life for thousands, even millions of life times. Is your truth seeking higher knowledge, or seeking control. If you desire to be percieved as a strong person who is in control then you struggle with a weak identity that is full of fear. Ask, what am I seeking? Then, look what you spend your time creating.

  • 1:1 atha yoga anu-shasanam
  • ATHA - begining of a course, or a program. The period of enrollment in the Yoga studies at a Gurukul used be 12 years, with the 13th year having observed total non-attachment. If attachment and aversion did raise its ugly head then the adept would go back and repeat the 13 years.

    This time period is weaved into Mahabharata metaphorically. The Pandavas, after having lost the last round of gambling to the Kauravas were condemned to 13 years of exile into forests. The 13th year was to be spent incognito, and if their cover was blown during the 13th year, they would have to repeat the term in exile.

    The 5 Pandava brothers are the 5 tattvas or vibratory element that informs all matter - earth, water, fire, air or life force (prana), and ether. They are bolstered by life-giving attributes of altruism, fearlessness, fortitude, nonharming, and devotion while the Kauravas are the many destructive sense tendencies of our Drive for Survival and Affiliation inclinations and Fight or Flight Reactions. 100 to be exact. The Yogi is to abide by the life-giving principles for 12 years and in those years he is to cultivate absoulute non-attachment. In the 13th year, he cannot succomb to any attachments or aversions.

    Once bad sense habits are well established in the body and mind, which is the condition of all worldly beings, the free will of wisdom is banished for at least 12 years. Complete physiological and mental changes, as well as the creation and firm establishment of new good habits, often are possible only in 12 years. In 12 year cycles, a person can either evolve or devolve to lower states of consciousness. source

  • YOGA - union of the imperfect self, with the perfect self, or divine consciousness. In other words, purification of the mind until no attachments and aversions remain but only the divine consciousness. It is important to remember that mind and consciousness are not seperate entities.

  • ANU - are the smallest units of matter which builds atoms, molecules and other chemical units. Remember, it is not atom, but energies that make atoms and this universe.

  • SHASANAM - a set of disciplines and observances defining a study. For example, the study of science.