Self Destructive Behaviour

Sutra 1:10 abhava pratyaya alambana vritti nidra

Sloth/apathy (nidra) are thought patterns that lead to the absence of motivation and hope. Consciousness is now focused on self- destructive (abhava) behaviour such as isolation or addiction to dissociate oneself from painful emotions (klishta-vrittis). When one decides to avoid painful emotions rather than deal with them, personal growth stagnates during the period of indulgence. This is known as Tamsic behaviour in Sanskrit. When in this frame of mind, a person begins to self-destruct.

We as a culture, have been carefully groomed into developing an absence of motivation towards activities that will empower our faculties of perception and discernment. This is being done systematically and strategically on a daily basis through putting importance on that which move us away from becoming powerful.

One of the most effective means being utilized was touched upon in sutra 1.9. Through stimulation of our fantasy and imagination faculty, we are constantly made to feel that we will only be accepted and appreciated through material achievement. When we cannot meet the worldly goals demanded off us of aquiring money, power, and status, we slide into a state of dejection.

This sense of being a failure, is the cause behind the many flavours of self-destructive behaviour which infilterate our society today. It is a very few individuals of rare psychical composition who manage to see through this facade, and it is only after one fully realizes the folly that perpetuates this ignorance does the long road of rehabilitation begin.

Never Take For Granted What Others Say Is True

From the time we are born, we begin taking information in from parents, teachers, friends, society, and media. As a result, it becomes imperative that we become aware what type of information is exchanged with whom, and how has the experience from the assimilation of that information conditioned our central nervous system. From your thought to your breath, from your word to your action, every energy exchange you participate in leaves an imprint on the fabric of space and time. As a result, you matter tremendously because what you focus on, will determine what you will create, and how you feel about yourself. Since you influence the Law of Karma with every breath, isn't it then time you decide what type of emotion will ride out into the Universe on your next exhalation?

Shame and Sloth

Know, that we live in a system that’s based on shame. Shame is the basis of what goes on in the system, including our family dynamics, social environment and educational system. Shame is the force that motivates behaviour. Shame is the glue that holds us together. It is also important to note that shame based systems poison the soul and makes one lose their true identity.

Thought processes of sloth based identity are rooted in shame. The popular consensus is, "If you don’t have this and that, then you are not good enough." If you went to that school than you must be a genius otherwise a mediocre. If your bank balance is high, than you are a twister, if not, a loser."

Not All is Lost

The only thing of value, your individuality, you shun just because it strives to exist in contrary to popular belief. As a result, all your life you end up trying to be someone you are not, just to impress others.

As our emotional, mental, and physical self fatigues, sloth sets in. Another word for Sloth is apathy, the lack of motivation, productivity, and perseverance. People who are in the abyss of despair feel great pain. Over time, many choose mood altering substances and risky behaviour, while countless commit suicide rather than fight. People feel that there is something wrong with them about which they can do nothing; and all because they have eneded up buying into someone elses lies. Lies that has nothing to do with reality. Lies that take away from us our power.

I know this intimately because I have been there and through tremendous suffering, have developed the needed courage and resilience to march towards truth. The journey is long and ladden with thorns and deception every inch of the way, but victory is possible. There comes a time when an aspirant begins deriving his/her very strength from the hardships faced. When you come to this point of seeing pain and suffering as lessons in the path of your evolution, it is time to increase your meditation sessions substantially because spiritual evolution for you has begun. By increasing your meditation and concentration sessions, you will progress rapidly towards your goal.

  • Sutra 1:11 abhava pratyaya alambana vritti nidra
  • abhava - negation of self, absence, non-existent(I am nothing), non-occurrence (I do not exist)

  • pratyaya - the cause, the feeling, causal or cognitive principle, notion, content of mind, presented idea, cognition

  • alambana - support, substratum, leaning on, dependent on, having as a base or foundation

  • vritti - operations, activities, fluctuations, modifications, changes, or various forms of the mind-field

  • nidra - depression, destitution, helplessness