Working with Unmanifest Nature of Matter

Sutra 1:19

1.19 bhava pratyayah videha prakriti layanam

When through practice, higher degrees of concentration is attained and maintained, knowledge of what the unmanifest(videhas) nature of matter is, and how the mind as principle cause(pratyayah), with its thoughts, emotions, and intentions(bhava), act as the agent in creation through the aid of nature(prakriti), is revealed to the Yogi.


Human Potential

Our modern science sees the body as a bundle of limitations that is suceptible to diseases and decay, while the nervous system is viewed as any other organ of the body that is relatively static and unchanging. The science of Yoga on the other hand, sees the nervous system as having tremendous creative potential for spiritual development that takes it beyond the physical limitations imposed upon it by nature.

Evolving the nervous system through Yogic practice is no walk in the park though. The initial experience of consciously choosing to participate in this evolutionary process can manifest a range of mild to very powerful levels of stress. Over time, this accumulated physical and emotional stress gets imprinted on the body and begins manifesting as frustration, anger, anxiety, and physical pain. Psychsomatic diseases are an index of the amount of stress in the body. An adept needs to know how to work with this energy otherwise they can potentially bring upon themselves unwarranted mental and physical suffering.

When the body is experiencing stress, the nervous system is busy handling them and the potential for attaining higher states of consciousness is very limited.1

It is only when the body and the nervous system become conditioned to handle higher levels of stress with ease does the possibility of experiencing, and working with consciousness at higher levels becomes possible. Taken in this context, one begins to see that suffering does have a noble purpose,2 the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego.

The art and science of actively participating in the the evolution of your own consciousness will require devotion, patience, peserverence, and an intimate understanding of the mental, emotional, and physical changes occuring within the psyche during practice. For this reason, solitude and an environment free from distractions such as TV, social interactions, social media, and destructive entertainment should be limited when one decides to live the spiritual life.

As your practice matures, you begin to realize that you have full control over the process of creation and personal evolution. As far as personal evolution goes, even the slightest change in consciousness has huge impact on the structure of the DNA. To get an idea of how much difference a small modification in DNA can make, let us look at chimps. Chimpanzee DNA differs from humans' by only about 1 percent say Jane Goodall, the British primatologist who gained worldwide fame for her studies of wild chimpanzees in East Africa.3 I give this example to show how even small changes in the evergy patterns at the atomic level can produce vast changes in manifested reality.

What Happens When Thoughts Subside and Concentration Deepens?

Concentration is paying attention to a chosen subject, or object. Let us take an apple as our chosen object of concentration. As you begin concentrating on it, the mental conceptions you have stored in the mind regarding the apple begins to pass across the screen of your mind.

The mind says, "The apple I had yesterday was no good. There is an apple tree in the back yard. Newton sat under an apple tree. I wonder if it hurt when the apple hit him on the head. Apple is expensive now. My budget is tight this month. I won't be able to save much. Will I ever end up on the streets? I will become the joke of the town if I do."

Now your mind is no longer concentrated on the apple, even though you are directly looking at it. So you bring you awareness back onto the apple. As your thoughts subside, you stay on the apple longer. There comes a time when the mental chatter melts away and what remains is only the state of being for both, you, and the apple. This is when concentration begins.

As you voyage into the depths of single minded concentration regarding a particular matter, in this case the apple, layers of ignorance that had kept the vibrations of the concentrated parameters hidden, begins to shy away as it realizes that the energy vibrations of the Yogi has become that which is being concentrated upon. There remains no sense of seperation between you and all that exists. Once you open your heart and mind to become a vessel for spiritual realities, nature starts working to let you in on her secrets.

Existence is Vibration

We all are nothing but vibration. Everything, seen and unseen is made out of the five great elements called panchamahabhutas, and they are (1) Ether (akasa), (2) Air (vayu), (3) Fire (agni), (4) Water (apas) and (5) Earth (prithivi).

The subtlety of these elements is in the ascending order of this arrangement, the succeeding one being grosser than the preceding. At lower vibrations, these elements are brought together as varying objects, animate and inanimate. According to ancient wisdom of the Vedas, all matter is brought into existence by waves of electromagnetic energy which is the result of thought. These energies begin gathering as sub-atomic particles that evolve into atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, body, and other matter we see all around us.

Humans can create just as God. The only rule they need to abide by is adherence to universal spiritual principles of love. One has to create that which is life-giving. Forces of thought intends nature into being through laws of causation - keep in mind that the universal laws are not created by God, but is an attribute of the Creator. As a result, when you work to manifest a particular reality, for example, writing a book, or developing a software, you are seeking to work in partnership with God and Her universal laws of creation. So be aware of what you are creating! Watch carefully what you think, say, and do.

Through Yoga, we gradually start getting an intimate insight into the process of creation and the nature of reality. This enables us to transcend our ego, which we have mistakenly taken for our identity. As the nature of reality is revealed to us through intuition, we see that utilizing non spiritual means to obtain our desires would only result in suffering and destruction taking us further away from Divine union.

So the next time you think of back stabbing a co-worker to get a promotion, resort to malicious intentions due to envy, or punish someone for slighting you, remember that when we ambush someone with nasty intentions; we are working to create a reality that is in gross violation of what the divine energies seek union with. In order to merge with God(Yoga),you need to become God. And to become God, you need to love and forgive like God.

  • 1:19 bhava pratyayah videha prakriti layanam
  • BHAVA - the idea of bringing into material existence.

  • PRATYAYA - all that which makes up the mind.

  • VIDEHA - without a body. Subtle forces of creation such as thought and intention.

  • PRKRITI – existence. That force behind existence. Meaning may change depending on context.

  • LAYANAM – merged into or dissolved.

  • Important Note

  • Videhas and Prakrtilayas also refers to two types of Yogis. The spiritual inclination and evolution, or Siddhis(Powers) in one seems to be the result of their unwavering practice and adherence to strict spiritual principals, while the other seems to be born with certain spiritual gifts or powers.

    These second type do not adhere to strict spiritual disciplines but they have the potential to meditate for long hours without much practice and retain the capacity to pass into trance naturally without any effort as a result of their peculiar physical and mental constitution which is said to have been developed in their previous incarnations.

    This work is the result of effort and commitment through a 44 year stretch of intense suffering. Excruciating mental and physical abuse, poverty, hunger, lack of formal education, persecution, divorce, homelessness, mood disorder, brutal addiction, torturous mental anguish, loss of loved ones, physical disability, and near fatal suicide attempts. One left me in a coma in 2005, and another broke most of my bones, leaving me confined to a wheel chair for 3 years in 2007.

    This suffering provided the foundational knowledge which stimulated my imagination in certain ways. I became extremely sensitive to how important love is to the process of creation and nurture because that is what I was deprived of all my life.

    No matter how bad your circumstances are, know that when you decide to find love and truth, your vibrations will be met with equal enthusiasm by mother nature(Shakti/Devi). Be aware though of negative thoughts, emotions, and intentions. These will be matched equally by a sinister composer who will try doubly hard now - since you are trying to break free from its grasps - to drag your life to the very depths of abyss. I tell you this from extensive experience of many lifetimes.