Transcending the Mind to Reveal Consciousness is Yoga
To evolve, we need to manage our mind. That is the ultimate activity for which we take human form. Mind, or Manas in Sanskrit, often indicates the general thinking faculty. Here it involves deliberate thinking, and undeliberate thought. Undeliberate thought is often an expression of latent tendencies(anusaya) of thought patterns(samskara) which sit in the subconscious waiting for the right conditions to manifest.

These are impressions conditioned by past experiences which are known to us as habits. This faculty is also known as memory, but memory alone has no power until it get's fueled by prana. So in the end, it is the type of energy, or prana behind the thought that needs to be understood and channeled. This energy is facilitated by what we have come to know as intent, but not will. The difference between intent and will is that intent is not necessarily motivated by good, will on the other hand is a decision made for the welfare and wellbeing of others even at the expense of the Ego.

Sutra 1:2 yogash chitta vritti nirodha

The process of Yoga involves conscious and nonjudgmental observation, analysis, and neutralization(nirodha), of both, our gross, and subtle thought patterns(vritti) that make up the mind through the capacity of the memory(chitta).


The process described in sutra 1:2 has come to be known as Mindfulness. In the modern day, many minds will lay claim to having coined and conquered its depths. In contemporary psychology, mindfulness will be adopted as an approach for increasing awareness and responding skillfully to mental processes that contribute to emotional distress and maladaptive behavior, from which none will be spared. By this time the population of Prithvi(world) would be 7.5 billion. So many mad people running around and all thinking that nothing is wrong with them?

Mindfulness will be covered in greater detail in sutra 1:12-1:16, for now just be aware that mindfulness is the backbone of Yoga which has endured since time and space were worded into existence.

Relationship of Thought to Information, Intelligence, Energy, and Mind

The information contained within the mind come from our experience related thoughts. Thoughts, conscious or unconscious has energy, or an electromagnetic field if you prefer. A magnetic field is created every time a current is passed through an electric wire. The nervous system, too, transmits scientifically measurable electrical impulses; in so doing it sets up its own magnetic field. The elevation and degradation of the consciousness is thus determined by the presence, or absence of order within this energy field, known as ‘The Mind Field’.

It is extremely important to remember that if you are using Consciousness as God - that which is the Cosmos itself, and out of which all things seen and unseen arise - then nothing affects it; hence no change happens there. IT, just is. Whereever I use Consciousness in that context, I will use a capital C, otherwise, c-onsciousness.

Question: Where does order come from?

Order comes from the quality of love inherent in intention. We know that energy in the mind gets excited through some stimulus, also known as a trigger. Stimulus refers to what is out there in the environment, what we pay attention to, and what stimulates our receptors. Electricity refers to the electrical signals that are created by the receptors through experience or thought. The degree of love inherent within the thought determines the quality of its energy and determines its degree of integrity.

Know that as consciousness evolves, both, our positive and negative thought processes that make up the mind (vritti), gradually becomes non-existent. With less and less activity within the mind, there is reduced activity within the brain because the sense receptors gradually become less agitated at the site of stimulus. At the peak of personal evolution, all thoughts cease to exist and what remains is pure love. Divine love is not an emotion, but energy that resonates at the same frequency as the consciousness of the Creator. Here is the order we need to inherit to realize Yoga or Union.

Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Memory, and Habit

Know now that the mind is made up of memory. Thoughts and feelings intermingle as the result of one’s experiences. If you live in an environment filled with greed, that is what you will become, but give it the socially acceptable name of ambition. If abuse is the dominant ingredient, than shame will come out of the oven and result in envy and addictions which will later lead to insecurity, powerlessness, hopelessness, and destitution.

Feelings plus time equals emotions. Memory is the seat of emotions. Memory repeated becomes a habit. Yoga is the science, and mindfulness the art, of educating and inspiring our consciousness towards creating helpful habits that unite us with love, while overcoming attachments and aversions that move us towards attrition. We need to resonate at the same frequency of Divine love to unite with it.

Question: But what confuses me is the positive and negative charge. If energies are emitting a positive charge, then aren't they supposed to repel, instead of attract? If that is the case, then how am I supposed to attract love by becoming love because both will have the same charge, no?

Charge Clusters

Reality can only be known in extremely close proximity (Plank Distance); the rest is manifestation. According to findings of physicist John Lekner at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, the repulsion like charges of electrons seem to be 'turned off' when they are present in high concentration and in close distances.

The laws of physics work well at the macroscopic level but they break down at the microscopic. Under certain conditions, billions of electrons can "stick together" in close proximity, despite the law of electromagnetism that like charges repel. Charge clusters are small, 10-33, and are composed of tens or hundreds of billions of electrons. We may expect them to fly apart at enormous speed, but they do not. At this distance they will attract one another, violating the intuitions of basic physics. The counterintuitive result was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society. This indicates that our laws of electromagnetism is missing something important. This force that attracts like energy together is known as Strong Force in physics.

As you can see, when any two energies vibrate at the same frequency, at distances smaller than Planck (Max Planck) distance, they merge. If the merger is of two energies that resonate at Divine frequency, then, this union becomes Yoga.

Take heed of what is being said now! Two or more lower forms of energy related to inclinations such as ill will, aggression, and disdain, with the same vibrational frequency would also merge - for example - energy of two individuals with resentment will also find affinity for each other, but this union is not Yoga because out of this merger ensues chaos that splits nature apart, while out of love springs forth order. Order within any living structure is the result of love, be it an atom, a relationship, or the universe.

  • 1:2 yogash chitta vritti nirodha
  • YOGASH – The practice of Yoga

  • CHITTA - The storehouse of experiences from all lifetimes, in English known as memory, it is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind, previously learned facts, experiences, impressions, skills and habits.

  • VRITTI - good and bad, conscious and subconscious thought patterns.

  • NIRODHAH - the process of harnessing, quietening, bringing to a standstill the vrittis.