Following The 5 Fold Path

1.20 shraddha virya smriti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham

Prerequisite (purvakah) to intentional creation and discernment is mindful analysis of data on your thoughts, and emotions. Knowledge on experiences of other peoples (itaresham) trials, tribulations, and triumphs provide additional cognitive acuity (prajna). This knowledge educates your awareness (smriti) through acknowledgement of your true self.

This true self is the one with all the faults, not the one you present to people. One's willingness to bare it all and become vunerable through mental and emotional transparency is an indication of unconditional faith (shraddha).

Devotion and sincerity of massive magnitude compels the universe to respond with loving cooperation towards your efforts. Yoga is a specific science of “People, know thyself.”

It is the response to the inner instinctive urge of the human soul to dance to the frequency at which the primodial being vibrates. Nevertheless, Yoga is science, and like all science, it is based on knowledge of facts built around proven principles. Spirituality is a 24/7, 365 days a year job for the rest of your life, not a vacation.

Having said this, know that every effort of yours is never forgotten by the universe. Even your breath makes an impression on the fabric of creation because it is seeded with the emotion which you felt as you took that breath. All your efforts will accumulate and contribute to your quest. But before we begin to see the result of our intentions, we will need to develop a relationship with the Universe by putting in her hands our attachments and aversions in exchange for an evolved awareness and unwavering faith. It is the humility gained through this transaction that empowers you to peek behind the veil of illusion into reality.

But how does the transformation take place. I mean, how does the negative life energy get converted to positive?

Inner Workings of the Process

The whole of Yoga Sutras is designed to answer the above question. As a result, we will only touch upon what this sutra implicates in the process of change for it is only a step of the stairwell that leads to becoming a conscious creator. Unlike our schools, which teach us to study objects, in Yoga, we are taught how to study ourselves because we are the power behind the creations you see throughout the universe. We are God, who have forgotten that we are God.

The entire universe is energy that produce movement in the form of waves. The common language of communication that this field of movement uses is vibration, and the vocabulary of this language are the different frequencies at which the energies play. Frequency is the rate of movement of the particles within a particular wave.

The desire for change is a communication between two sides, our weaknesses, and our inherent power that lays dormant. This dynamics of exchange in the form of introspection between our frailities, and our desire for strength, initiates a communication between your energy - that moves outward from your body - with the energies of the universe by attracting and responding to frequencies that resonate at the same level. Every moment of our lives we are producing and responding to energies. When this process of communication is made conscious, it becomes Yoga. An educational process by which the human mind is trained to become more and more natural and weaned from the unnatural stresses of life.1 Yoga has particular concern with psychology for the reason that it is study of the self, which can only unfold through deciphering of one's mental processes.

How does the body produce these frequencies, and what influences them?

Stimulation of senses is what influences your energy vibrations. The universe neglects the physical body and only percieves you as a bundle of vibrations that are produced by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and experiences. What are you thinking? How you interpret your experiences is important because these elicit feelings that are interpreted by the universe as vibrations.

The vibration generated by a certain experience depends on how your upbringing and environmental influences shaped your currrent mind. A mind that now elicits emotional responses and intentions of certain vibrational frequencies, which even though close to others who have had similar experiences as you, are unique only to you. No two people will have an energy that vibrates at exactly the same frequency under same experience. It is this difference in energy vibration through which the Universe can tell us apart.

Whenever there is any urge to make a change through some action that evolves our mental processes through stimulation of the prefrontal cortex - or any other part of the brain - there is transformation of one form of energy into another. This stimulation of synapses and neurotransmitters causes vibrations throughout the central nervous system, the energy of which is felt throughout the universe instantly.

The sensations produced invoke fluctuations amongst the various fields in which we are immersed by the rate of vibration in the molecular structure of the brain and the endocrine glands. The echo of this pulse move through the universe trying to find other waves with the same frquency. And when they meet, they announce to each other their affiniy. This announcement is known as resonance, and interpreted as intention. You may find it easier to think of resonance in the following way. If you have two violins in a room and strike the C string on one violin, the octave strings of C on the other violin will begin to vibrate.

We will attract what we are. This does not mean we want what we attract. Most times, we want the opposite. This is how you find who you associate with and what you do when in that association. Look carefully, very carefully and do not decieve yourself. What you are, is what you will propagate. Having said that, it is very important to remember that not everyone can discern this truth.

And then finally there are those who can grasp or discern a fair bit of this truth but their envy, insecurity, and hatred gives them the perfect opprotunity to manipulate those that don't know any better. Don't jump to conclusions too soon. Give others a chance and in doing so you become a little more human.

  • 1.20 shraddha virya smriti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham
  • shraddha - unconditional faith.

  • virya - power, energy, life seed.

  • smriti - awareness, rememberence, memory.

  • samadhi - deep meditation

  • prajna - discernment, knowlege through experience.

  • purvakah - prerequisite

  • itaresham - of others, the known people.