Increasing the Intensity of Practice

Sutra 1.22 mridu madhya adhimatra tatah api visheshah

There are three stages of graduation in intensity before(api) conviction(adhimatra) becomes firm: (1) mild (mridu) practice and conviction, (2) medium (madhya) practice and conviction, and (3) rigorous (adhimatra) practice and conviction.

Influence of Attachment and Aversion on Intensity

Intensity is not forced effort that is often mistakenly observed in a person sitting with a frown, wrinkles surrounding the forehead with eyes twisted in bitter agony. This process is more akin to one trying to pass a reluctant piece of stool down the anus, than a Yogi mindfully aware of the present moment. Intensity starts building when one begins developing spontaneous enthusiasm for going beyond the parameters of their respective fields - calm, cool, and collected - to ask questions about the relationship between the universe, science, and consciousness. Intensity cannot, and should not be forced as it causes stress. Intensity gets established in stages as one's heart gets infused with love.


This stress resulting out of expectation for a certain outcome is due to the attachment of one's efforts to the results. The quitting or refraining, and later, avoidance of further practice stems out of aversion in relation to the fear of percieved failure and anguish previously encountered. Starting a practice is easy, but sustaining is hard, very hard. Perseverance gets forged through regularity and is known as habit. I have noticed that when love is in the heart, one does not have to go anywhere, nor do anything. Sitting in the room is beautiful in itself.

Intensity within an Intention

The above is self-explanatory but I will talk a little about how this software facilitates and fosters rigorous practice. The manner in which the companion software has been designed to empower your practice, supports the rigorous structure Patanjali is talking about. No one had this edge available to them in the past. The software enables you to meticulously record and analyze your thought patterns and mental state of being at any given point in time. Writing things down concentrates energies to the point of focus. Since the universal spiritual principles harmonize its energies with intentions that are noble, you will soon witness that your spiritual visions are manifesting with great ease and speed because of this focus. When you write things down, you announce your devotion and sincerity to the universe, to which the universe responds with equal enthusiasm.

Intensity requires regular monitoring of thoughts, emotions, and intentions so one can align and tweak them in accordance to one's practice. Working in this way we also announce the sincerity of our intentions to the universe.

The Beauty Of This Framework

Until now we did not have the use of a framework to help us record our experiences. As a result it was extremely difficult, if not impossible to generate any form of meaningful report to know how we have been doing, or if there are any changes we need to make in order to advance with grace and clarity. The evolution of this framework will fill that missing void.

This is an evolving framework and as we a result, new tools will be added to support the numerous exercises that will follow.
  • 1.22 mridu madhya adhimatra tatah api visheshah
  • mridu - mild, slow.

  • madhya - medium.

  • adhimatra - intense.

  • tatah - from one to the other, from that.

  • api - also, including.

  • visheshah - difference, distinction.