Faith and Surrender
Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.
Abraham Joshua Heschel

1.23 ishvara pranidhana va

By surrendering in faith(pranidhana) to the creative source(ishvara) from which we emerge, our union with the Divine becomes imminent. It is the complete surrender that begins to bring you closer to the mysteries of life. Without surrender there is no revelation.

For the personal soul to merge into Universal Consciousness, absolute faith and surrender is needed. But how does one have faith in something they haven't witnessed, or surrender to a power they haven't seen?

Recently, a scholar who designed studies in the practice of meditation and mindfulness asked The Dalai Lama, "How long does one have to practice meditation before one begins to see some results?" "Lifetime!" replied His Holiness. His Holiness knows that if there is a time limit attached to one's practice, there will be frustration when one's expectations aren't fulfilled. These frustrations have sabotaged many well intentioned efforts.

In all spiritual teachings, we are called to engage in practices without any expectations. We have to embrace infinity inside the mortal body. We have to believe in a God we can't see. We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hatred. We have to discover freedom where control is the state religion. We have to feel safe in spite of our concerns.

Faith and Surrender

You have to have the courage to embrace the idea of Faith and Surrendar, accept the idea, and believe it before you have any proof that the infinite self is there; or that it will work for you. You have to grow the necessary neurotransmitters needed for believing in order for the power that's within you, the power of infinity, the higher self, to come into your life and start working through you.

If you can't let go and trust absolutely without a shred of doubt, if your Ego is always intellectualizing and constantly fearful, then the higher awareness that is the gateway to awakening your extrasensory perceptions will be blocked. We are used to overriding those little messages, that's how the Ego plays it's game in an effort to ensure you remain eternally powerless.

That infinity within you is like a divine celestial wind which, if you can quieten the mind enough, will start to blow gently in your direction to lift up your powers of intuition. Initially, your power of intuition will have a spontaneous characteristic to it because your mind is still quite active in the early stages. But as your practice matures, and "Quiet" becomes your natural state, intuition will come as a body of knowledge at will. In these moments, you will be able to download huge amounts of data through certain feelings without any thought activity. Intuition does not require any mental activity. As a matter of fact, it works best when there is no thinking.

Once the power sees that you are getting quiet and your degree of surrender is increasing, once you see this herd mentality material world for what it is, the power joins you. It teaches you hour by hour, day by day, the people you need to be associated with, it will show you the belief patterns that you need to discard for a paradigm shift to occur. It will tell you when you should change your career. It will create greater depths of perception for you, however, you need to listen and do what your higher power is telling you. The more disciplined you become, the mightier will be your spiritual powers.

  • 1:23 ishvara pranidhana va
  • ishvara – The Absolute, Supreme Consciousness, God, The Source, Supreme Intelligene.

  • pranidhana - absolute sincerity, surrender, faith, devotion without expectation.

  • va - and, or e.g ...absolute faith and surrender. This is the absolute faith of the person on the belief he or she has of the higher power they believe in.