The Mind of God

Gods mind does not have to perceive, nor reason, in order to know something. Therefore, in the mind of God, there arises no latent impression(samskara) that could later cause a reaction. God intends creation into being, he does not need to think how.

Einstein's desire, "I want to know the thoughts of God," shall remain eternally unfulfilled because God, has no thoughts. Patanjali tells us that in order to merge with God, there is only one prerequisite, "Stop thinking."

Sutra 1:25 tatra niratishayam sarvajna bijam

In this sutra Patanjali reiterates that the mind of God (tatra) has no latent impressions, or seed (bijam) of thought imbeded in consciousness. Since there is no seed karma to originate from, there are no distortions in perception. As a result, the mind of God is perfect (niratishayam), all-knowing, all-seeing (sarvajna).

The First Stage

The whole purpose of Yoga is to train the mind so that there remains in it no latent impressions. This is the most difficult undertaking one can embark upon and its realization even more elusive. But there have been many who have attained this level of evolution.

To start on this journey, we need to gradually enhance our Parasympathetic Nervous System(Sattvic Gunas) by diagnosing and bringing under control the modifications of the mind associated with our Drive for Survival and Affiliation(Rajasic Guna) and the Fight of Flight Reactions(Tamasic Guna).

Once we have neutralized the toxins of our residual negative energies generated through agitation(Rajas) and inertia(Tamas) and created the proper balance of mind through recording and analysis of our thoughts and emotions, we can begin the second stage of yoga practice.

The Second Stage

The second stage of yoga calls for us to go beyond the mind-body complex and all its conditioning, even that of parasympathetic characteristics of love, compassion, and kindness towards pure awareness or consciousness. The place of no mind.

The first stage of yoga entails that we raise the vibration of our emotional energy until it begins to resonate at the frequency of divine love. To do this we need to identify all our negative thought processes and transcend them. Generally, we cannot succeed at the second step because most of us never attempt the first. How many of us know how many times a day we feel anger, anxiety, bouts of shame and desire for revenge? Almost none. That is why HighTechMindfulness.Com has been developed so that we can track our thoughts, emotions, and intentions from anywhere, anytime.

Many problems in yoga arise from attempting the second step while never having done the first. Even most of the popular yoga schools attempt teaching meditation and Hatha Yoga without ever addressing the subject of examining ones thought processes. We mostly engage in the practice of body contortions while never taking up the real work of monitoring and analyzing our thoughts, emotions, and intentions; which is the first step of Yoga.

Most of us fool ourselves into thinking that we practice Yoga for personal evolvement. No, we don't practice Yoga for the evolution of our consciousness, we do Yoga for enjoyment and personal gratification. We do it because it is the hip thing to do. We do it so we can meet people, talk, and have a good time. We do it to meet our need for affiliation - human contact.

Yoga discourages human contact because it directs our attention outward. This does not mean you neglect your daily duties, it just means that if you are associating with people to address your need for human contact, the need to gossip and idle socialization, then you need to minimize this so you have more time to reflect within.

If our minds are noisy, negative, reactive, hypersensitive, opiniated, critical, or just constantly busy We will never be able to transform our negative energy patterns by sitting with eyes closed calling it meditation, or jumping up and down and calling it Yoga. Even though your intentions may be noble, change without transformation in your thought processes is not possible.

The Mind of God

In order to merge with God, we must first set in motion the forces to take the mind from its chaotic(rajasic) or dull(tamasic) state addicted to sensory sources of stimulation and entertainment, towards its natural clear and quiet state of being. Using the Mind Tracker to record, analyze, and cultivate new tendencies and habits is the main practice for changing the nature of the mind from negative to positive.

According to the Vedas, the entire Universe is said to rest in a single imperishable sound vibrating at a certain frequency. The ancient sacred texts of India tells us that reality as we know it, consists of vibrations, which in essence is sound. Even the formless silent Absolute(God) has its own vibration or Shabda(Word), but which remains contained in itself, a kind of breathing, without the breath as it were.

This sound of consciousness is called the 'non-elemental sound' as opposed to the elemental sound which arises through the ether element that holds and manages all that we see. By going back to the reality of primal sound, we can return to the very heart of creation and reach the Absolute beyond time and space from which all creation arises.

When all worldly thoughts subside, the vibrational frequency of your energy becomes synchronized with that of divine Spirit. Synchronous in physics and electricity means: "Having the same frequency and zero phase difference." In other words, synchronous means two things are vibrating at the same rate. They are on exactly the same wavelength. When we reach that state of pure stillness, we are in total communication and complete unity; thus having attained Yoga. This is not the end, but rather the begining.

The Cosmos has many levels of existence which are evolving at varying rates. It is according to our level of evolution in consciousness that we come to inhabit a particular reality.

  • 1.25 tatra niratishayam sarvajna bijam
  • tatra - there in the the one who has mind of God, in that (in that special purusha)

  • niratishayam - unsurpassed, not exceeded by any others, limitless

  • sarvajna - all knowing (sarva - all; jna - knowing)

  • bijam - seed

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  • Non-elemental sound is refered to as Abhutika Shabda. This type of sound, according to Ganpati Muni, is inherent in pure consciousness beyond the sound produced in the element of space or ether.