The Sacred Word

Sutra 1:27 tasya vacaka pranavah

The sacred word signifying (vacaka) this creative source, or untainted super consciousness is the sound OM, called Pranav.

In the Rig-Veda, The Word - OM, is also called brahman, the sacred knowledge, or utterances. It is derived from the root word (brh), to grow, burst forth, or ceaseless growth - like our expanding universe.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.John 1:1

Science & Spirit

The Universes creative principles and creation itself are attributes of the one infinite Spirit known as Para-Brahman, which science calls The Unified Field. Other names are The Absolute, The Transcendental, Spirit, and God. This Supreme Consciousness is that which never changes and from which comes all seen and unseen. Out of this, made in the image of the Creator and endowed with the faculties of this supreme being, is born humankind (Manav).

Yoga is the science of evolving towards higher levels of reality through the creative use of mindfulness, concentration, and meditation. In scientific terms, you can describe the above process as, "An observers ability to affect reality through the Wave Collapse Function by using the Mind to affect the rules which govern the probability among the many available possibilities existing in Holographic Nature, or Prakriti through karma - management of thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

The Creator, Para-Brahaman, or The Unified Field - GOD

Properties of the Void

The Creator is like a seed containing all the information regarding the creation, preservation, and dissolution of our universe. The void has infinite energy in potential form. By potential, I mean a nonvibratory state of absolute stillness. The secret to the unified field, also known as the theory of everything lies in this field of consciousness. To merge with this energy - Yoga - your energy has to evolve until it resonates with the energy of the Absolute which is infinite speed. And obviously, vibration at infinite speed will be the same as absolute stillness. More on this below.

The Absolute is also known as the great Void. Shunyatā in Sanskrit and as ong—pa—ñid in Tibetan systems of Yoga. Please remember that the human concepts cannot describe this void. It is above words and descriptions. This is the highest goal, known as Pali Suññatd by the Theravadists branch of Buddhism and Moksha, or Krishna Consciousness by the Hindus.

The Absolute, working on itself creates a certain vibration or sound. The sound of creation has been mentioned in all major scriptures of the world. In the Vedas it is known as OM and in the Bible as the Word. The following quote from the Bible "First there was the word and the word was with God", meaning, before creation there came the sound and this sound existed in this field of pure potentiality. So many times you may have heard the expression,

Parallels Between Modern Science, and The Ancient Science of Yoga

Upon vibration, out of Cosmic Consciousness comes the first 2 expressions of nature:

  1. Nature as Intelligence.
  2. Nature as Vibration that creates matter.

In the Mahabharata these 2 consorts of the Spirit are known as Ganga and Satyavati; 1st and 2nd wife of God (metaphorically speaking). In Quantum Physics, they can be compared to Bose Fields and Fermi Fields.

What is vibration?

Vibration is a movement of anything between 2 points of rest. Like a wave or a pendulum. As the frequency of the wave increases, it's amplitude (vertical distance between crests) decreases. In other words, the points of rest come closer together. Now imagine a wave of such intense frequency that the points of rest come so close that they overlap, turning the sine wave into a straight line. This would represent infinite speed and total rest at the same time. In this state the seer becomes omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. This is where we want to get to...with humility of course.

In the Absolute, oposites merge and are reconciled. At infinite speed it takes no time to get anywhere; one is everywhere at once, omnipresent, while being in a state of total rest. The paradox is resolved. source

The 3 Superfields

Out of the effect of the cause, accompanying Intelligence and Vibration came certain grades known as Gunas. The 3 Gunas are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Vedic Science speaks of these three Gunas giving rise to the five Mahabhutas - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether - that structure the universe. Quantum Physics mentions three superfields which rise to give us the five spin types that characterize elementary particles, the resonant frequencies of the unified field, and the building blocks of creation. Energy at these levels can be said to start from nuclear, and go up to near infinite speed.

Thus far we know that the One Consciousness first creates two likenesses of Itself (Ganga and Satyavati - Bose Fields and Fermi Fields) and invests them with three specializations of power (Gunas - 3 types of vibrations) to respectively create, preserve and dissolve existence. It also provides them with Space and Time (more on space time later) in which to administer these functions in respect to all living and nonliving forms. Collectively, these are known as Prakriti or Nature.


Prakriti means "nature". It is a key concept in Hinduism, formulated by its Samkhya school, and refers to the primal matter with three different innate qualities (Guṇas) whose equilibrium is the basis of all observed empirical reality. source

The mind of the cosmos, which is called the Cosmic Mind, is regarded as an evolute (Holographic Universe), and not the original Being (Super Consciousness). The Absolute is a Transcendent Being, and not a thinking mind. It does not need to reason, it just knows. It is not even a causal state. Even the causal state is supposed to be posterior to the Absolute. We never associate the Absolute with the world.

It is also important to remember that everything that is in us is from Prakriti or Nature accept for the soul; soul is part of the Absolute. But then again, not everything from Absolute is inherited by us, and this is the very reason we aspire to know the Absolute. This quest is the thirst to know more than what we are.

The Holographic Universe

Everything that has risen out of the cause has an imprint in nature. This includes your every thought, word, and deed. This is known as the Holographic Field which we will discuss in another reading assignment. It is the content of this imprint, or latent impressions, that determine the probability of a wave function. In other words, what your reality will be collapsed into.

Note: Please keep in mind that the Absolute is not the cause of our reality but Nature is, because that is where the information and vibration that gives rise to the material universe exist. We will look at this in great detail when we will study how human nature arises.

The Children of Ganga (Consciousness as Intelligence)

Ganga, gives birth to 8 intelligences. In the Mahabharata they were the 8 sons of Ganga. The ancient seers weaved the real meaning behind the science of Yoga into stories in such a beautiful way that the secrets of these teachings are revealed to the practitioner in the exact degree to which his consciousness evolves. As soon as the first 7 children of Ganga were born, she drowned them in river Ganaga. Please keep in mind that this is not in a literal sense but a metaphoric representation of metaphysical truths.

  1. The first child is Kutastha Chaitanya – Reflection of the Absolute (Super Consciousness) as the soul in every iota of creation. This soul is the house of consciousness, or intelligence of God in manifest creation and it's potential is reflected to the highest degree in humans. This indicates that all things are conscious but to varying degrees. (We shall look at how this affects the process of evolution later.)

  2. The other 6 intelligences govern the macrocosmic (3) and the microcosmic (3) manifestations of the causal, astral, and physical universes. These are the worker bees behind the scenes. The metaphorical interpretation of Ganga drowning her children are in the fact that these 7 forces are not visible in nature; thus drowned. Their effects are, but not them.

    Science is aware of these forces as the evolutes of Bose Fields which are divided into Gravity, Strong Interaction, Electro-weak Unification, Weak Interaction, and Electromagnetism. The later 4 are encapsulated within the Grand Unification Theory. As you evolve, the powers of these forces are transcended and they reveal their secrets to you. These secrets are the infamous Sidhis or super powers. Infamous because many have become trapped in the web of its Maya and fallen from grace.

    The higher up you go the ladder of evolution, the fiercer gets the battle between you and Maya (Mara in Buddhism, Satan in Christianity), the forces of delusion or evil. These forces influence your mind through your weaknesses by manipulating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To keep you in its grips, the forces of evil will try to entice you through greater and greater temptations as you climb higher up the spiritual ladder. At the height of the highest spiritual peak, Mara, in desperation threw the three worlds at the feet of Buddha as did Satan with Christ. First they bribe you, then they try to kill you, and then; you win.

    In case you wondering, the 3 worlds are Bhurloka (Earth), Bhuvarloka (Ghosts and Deamons), and the collection of the 7 lower dimensions. Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatal, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. The first 6 are highly advanced as far as materialism is concerned. Some of these dimensions have technology that is far superior than what we have here on earth, but as far as spirituality goes, it is almost non-existant. The entire dimensions are steeped in lust for money, power, fame, and sex. As one progresses downward, there is lesser duration of life and greater manifestation of disease and anxiety. The last one - Patala -is what we know as hell.

    The higher planetary systems are the realms of devas, demigods, and angels. Bhuvarloka is the abode of ghostly spirits, and the lower planets are populated by those of demoniac consciousness as well as the snakes known as “Nagas”. Development of higher consciousness, which also includes advanced intellectuality, starts with human beings and further increases among the denizens of higher planetary systems. The earth is situated close to the middle of these planetary systems. Be careful of what you think.

    Why can't I see the beings and things of other planets?

    Just as on and surrounding earth there are realms of existence inhabited by ethereal beings invisible to our eyes, some highly advanced and others bound by unfortunate circumstances (such as ghosts), all planets have different spheres of existence. We can never gain knowledge of the multi-dimensional reality on earth with our physical eyes, so how could we possibly expect to enter into the higher realities of other planets with them?

  3. Relationship between False Ego to Mind, and the Wave Function Collapse

    The eighth son is Abhasa Chaitanya. Universal Ego or the Mind represented by Bhishma in the ancient scriptures. All of the created world is based on this individualistic force alone; therefore it is the subtlest and the most difficult to transcend but due to Intelligence being a level above Ego; victory is possible. If you recall, intelligence is Ganga, the Mother of Bhishma (Universal Ego).

    Using your intellect, you can free yourself from the chains of all Ego related bonds.

Mind is cast on all material things to energize its personal identity and here is where you can work to bring about change. Matter in this state becomes aware of a separate existence endowed with the faculty of Universal Ego which in this case is reflected in our mind. If it chooses, it can create a reality apart from Spirit. It is this capacity to create separate identity that allows us to experience life of matter. It is in this mind that the wave function can be influenced through the help of intellect and free will (Discernment).

The mind is above the senses but above the mind is the intellect and above the intellect is consciousness or the state in which the soul resides. If you change the rules of the game through conscious intention, you increase the probability of a certain possibility within the wave function to collapse in your favour. You cannot expect to work at the material level to bring about change. It has to happen in the Holographic Mind by working with the latent impressions created by past karma.

The Indian ancients did just this. They pressed all their faculties – the senses, the mind, the intellect into service to figure out the answers. They also invoked new unexplored faculties – insight, intuition and consciousness. Unrelenting, uncompromising logic led them to find that all the multiplicity of our experience arose from One Single Unitary Source, One Absolute Reality, the Highest Divine, which for want of a better word, they called TAT meaning That.

The Children of Satyavati (Matter as Vibration or Energy)

Satyavati is the vibratory force that creates matter. In Physics known as Fermi Fields or Matter Fields. Primordial Nature as energy that at different vibrations manifest as matter. Vibration at the nuclear level has been identified as Lepto-Quarks, Leptons, Quarks, Charged Leptons, Up Quarks, Down Quarks, and Neutrinos by physicists.

From primordial nature as matter evolve the forces that coalesce into being a manifested universe and its sensory, thinking, active beings. In order to manifest creation, God has to cloak his consciousness in relativity. i.e. The singular reality must project the idea of duality and the discriminative power to perceive and discern differentiation. source This is Vyasa, allegorically. The third psychological son of Satayavati who shrouds his two brothers, Divine Ego (Vichitravirya) and Divine Primordial Elements (Chitragada) under the veil of material delusion. And this is how the nature of reality as energy originating from Divine Consciousness gets covered under the veil of ignorance. This is what is meant by, "Losing one's soul", and this is the highest stage at which this phenomenon first occurs. After that, with every descent into grosser levels of matter, the soul sinks deeper and deeper into ignorance. Eventually, getting so enmeshed into materialism that all shreds of our true nature is lost.

This does not mean that good is dead, it is just burried under the cloak of conditioning through our experiences in this world.

Everything is Movement

With Vyasa we are descending towards energy vibrating at lower speeds but still not perceptible through the five senses. Everything is vibration or movement, it is the inability of our sense organs to percieve reality as vibration that deludes us. String Theory tells us that the spin of a particle is like the spin of a top, but unlike a top, a particle can never stop spinning.source

This is what the ancient tibetan masters had to say about reality as vibration:

The tangible world is movement, say the Masters, not a collection of moving objects, but movement itself. There are no objects In movements, it is the movement which constitutes the objects which appear to us: they are nothing but movement. This movement is a continued and infinitely rapid succession of flashes of energy (in Tibetan tsnl or shoug). All objects perceptible to our senses, all phenomena of whatever kind and whatever aspect they may assume, are constituted by a rapid succession of instantaneous events.

Each of these momentary happenings is brought about by manifold causes and multiple conditions acting together. Here one should not think that the event is distinct from these causes and conditions. It is these which, together, constitute the event. Apart from them there is no event.

1967, Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects, by David Neal

Chemical and Electrical Energy

Descending from nuclear, we come down to atomic energy, and from there to chemical and electrical energy, manifesting along the way things that can be percieved by our senses.The industries that make all the things we are so attached to is mostly the off-spring of chemical and electronic energy. It is our attachment and pursuit of these vibrations - which parade as real things - that is the cause of all suffering. It is this that pulls our attention outward, away from the Spirit within. This is what takes our attention outward therefore entrapping us.

Everything we use today, everyone we are affiliated with, and all that we consume are at some point touched by electrical and chemical energy. We then establish our identity based on which electrical or chemical energy is more advertised and popular in the media and among our partners and peers. How can we ever evolve if we are conditioned to think that materialism is our superior delegating us our identity? Yoga is the journey out of this warped frame of mind.

An unceasing war between Spirit and imperfect forces of nature is underway throughout the macrocosm. Everywhere you look you will find strife and suffering. Turn on the TV and that is all which is shown because that is all we wish to see. Yet, the flawless patterns of Spirit strive ceaselessly against the ugly distortions of evil. One power consciously striving to express all that is good and beautiful while the other relishes in ill will, aggression, and disdain.

In the microcosm, it is the human body and mind that are the ultimate battlegrounds for the war between wisdom and the intentional delusive force manifesting as ignorance. Every spiritual aspirant or Yogi who is compelled to establish within themselves the rule of love, kindness, and compassion must defeat the insurgents of temptations and ignorance that seek manifestations through one’s thoughts and intentions. The ultimate war is not out there, it is within, and that is where it should be fought.

Science says that the whole purpose of the body is to pick up signals (stimuli), process them, and respond to them, while Yoga elucidates that the very reason we inherit a body is to learn how we can stop responding to the stimuli perceived through the five senses for the sake of a higher experience.

The 2 Wives of Vyasa

Negative Doubt (Ambika)

The two wives of Vyasa represent the positive and negative aspects of energy in creation. Creation has many aspects, and it is not possible to talk about them all in this reading assignment, that is why we are only taking a high level view of the creation process at this time and will go into it deeper during our studies of the Yoga Sutras. The journey of evolution from lower forms of energy towards higher reality begins by studying, understanding, and monitoring how the electrical and chemical energy of our thoughts and feelings has been conditioned by our upbringing, society, formal education, politics, media, and peer preassure to attach itself to certain aspects of the material world in a manner that degrades consciousness.

Towards this end, we will need to track the 100 negative sense tendencies (sons of Ambika). At the high level, they are the 5 senses of perception and the 5 of action plus their 10 propensities each. The first collection of the 3 divisions of the bodily field consists of the periphery or outer extremity of the body. This is where our 5 organs of sense, ears, tongue, skin, eyes, and nose are. Using the software components available in this framework we will observe how we are engaging this in the material world.

In addition to our sense organs we have the 5 instruments of action, mouth for speech, hands and feet for dexterity and locomotion, the organs of excretion and procreation. This outer surface is a field of constant activity and is fittingly named Kurukshetra. This is where all activities of the outer world are accomplished and is the field upon which Rajas and Tamas comingle constantly. We will also monitor the activities of these organs and limbs and see if they are leading us towards higher consciousness or not.

The gross atomic matter of the physical body is created by the action of low vibrating energy (Tamas) on the cosmic creative elementals of earth, water, fire, air, and ether causing matter to appear in its 5 recognizable forms, solid, liquid, fiery, gaseous, and etheral.

Being the negative or dark quality of nature, Tamas becomes responsible for concealing the true nature of matter under the cover of grossness and thus creates ignorance in the perceiver through shame, anger, anxiety, aversion, and fear. If Rajas is the dominant activating quality in a person, then attachment, restlessness, impatience, irritability, resentment, stress, avarice, envy, apathy, and jealousy will be the operating emotions of the psyche as the organism will be seen trying to ineffectually control its environment constantly.

Positive Discriminative Faculty (Ambalika)

The second portion of the bodily field of action after the outer extremities is the cerebrospinal axis with its 6 subtle centers of life and consciousness. These are commonly known as the Chakras in the medulla, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal area. Its two magnetic poles are the Mind (manas) and Intelligence (buddhi). Pulled towards materialism through attachments and aversions works the Mind. Intelligence however, retreats within and and using the power of insight, instinct, and intuition seeks wisdom in the all-knowing field of silence. When the consciousness has evolved enough, this transition from seeking continuous stimulation towards internal retreat happens spontaneously. The idea is not to give up.

This cerebrospinal axis with the 6 subtle centers is called Dharamakshetra Kuruksherta. The field of subtle energies on the cerebrospinal axis powers the senses to perceive and command the Mind or Intellect - whichever is dominant in a situation - into action. The dominant attributes of nature influencing the subtle centers are Rajas and Sattva. Rajas is niether good nor bad. It will work to promote those qualities which are dominant in a person. And you can know which qualities are dominant in you by looking at what you are creating or working on.


Yoga comes with a brilliant system which suggests that the polarized consciousness descends in a spiralling movement of energy, and as it descends, as it ramifies, as it stretches out, it becomes matter. As energy condenses into matter it forms the various elements, and the difference between one element and another is a difference in the frequency of their vibrations. In Sutra 1:1 we will look at what determines the rate of vibration.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The foundation of this work rests on the shoulders of numerous Sages, Saints, Yogis, and Intellectuals. One of them happens to be Paramahansa Yogananda. What you see throughout this platfom is my personal experience and understanding of the knowledge they imparted.

  • 1.27 tasya vacaka pranavah
  • tasya - of that

  • vachakah - designator, signifier, indicator, term

  • pranavah - the mantra AUM or OM