Repeating the Word - Mantra

Sutra 1:28 tat japa tat artha bhavanam

The truth or knowledge (tat), behind the vibrational energy patterns of The Word (OM) - through which the Universe came to be, and is governed (arth) - can be realized through repetitive meditation (japa) upon certain words and sounds (Mantra) when the involved practice is taken up with a hearty effort in persistence and perseverance, combined with intense feelings of love, and devotion(bhavanam).

In the previous sutra, Patanjali tells us that the seed out of which creation burst forth is a word or vibration - OM. We also learnt that inherent in all types of word is energy and depending on the nature of the word, this energy has the power to either manifests good or evil. In other words, your thoughts and feelings will determine what you create.

The tool for working with this subtle energy in potential form is known as Mantra. A saying from the Vedas claim that speech - mental or vocal - is the essence of humanity. All of what humanity thinks and eventually becomes is rooted in the expression of ideas, intentions, and actions communicated through speech.

The sacred knowledge, whether thought or spoken contains in its vibration a certain power that serves as an instrument to elevate the mind to a point of pure stillness. At this level of pure awareness, when the mind has rid itself off all its activities, the knowledge held within the vibratory pattern that sustains the universe is revealed to the adept. One begins to create things divine.

How Can The Power Of Mantra Be Developed?

First, one has to keep in mind that the power inherent within the Mantra (Word) is in potential form, not active. A mantra is like a seed, it has to be cared for with love and nurtured with kindness before the vibration contained in it becomes active.

The root sound of the word mantra is Man, which means to contemplate, or meditate upon. The suffix tra is instrumental and in this context it means 'to pursue'. Thus when taken in this context, mantra means to purse the manifestation of something through the power of vibration. To work with mantra is to understand the vibratory pattern behind the creation of universe itself.

The ancient scriptures of India proclaim that all the answers we yearn for and the the vital responses we crave are stored in the energy matrix known as the Akashic records, or the non-local intelligence, and is available to us always; provided we can harmonize the energy of our mind and body with the fundamental frequency of the universal consciousness.

Working with Mantra requires intense regular practice. This causes a holistic transformation in the mental realm of the worldy man taking his awareness beyond the mundane and its limits. In due time, the elevated vibrations lift the mind into Samadhi where the higher state of oneness is realized, to which it otherwise would not have had access to.

Mantras have great power but it requires regular practice and sometimes the practice could take years before any evidence of its effects can be realized. In our world of quick fixes, there are very few who have the aptitude and mental constitution - which comes from practice in previous lives - to devoutly engage in its practice.

For those who are ready, they will be drawn towards certain mantras while having unearthly faith in their capacity to bring its workings to fruition. Since it is not possible to discuss all aspects of working with mantras in this sutra, I have decided to develop a course that will be made available in a few weeks on The course will be accompanied by a component that will enable you to track the regularity and repetion of the mantra while keeping track of its effects on you life and mind.

For now it is enough to keep in mind that mantras not only has the power to protect you while removing deep seated negative emotional patterns and karmic blockages, but it has the potential put you in touch with certain cosmic powers, the vibrational energy of which is in harmony with your chosen mantra.

  • 1.28 tat japa tat artha bhavanam
  • tat - that which is, truth

  • japah - repeated remembrance, as in mantra or repeated practice of yoga

  • artha - meaning

  • bhavanam - deep understanding with feeling, intensity, love, devotion