Awareness of Perceptions

Sutra 1:35 vishayavati va pravritti utpanna manasah sthiti nibandhani

Manifestation (utpanna) through concentration, or (va) other practices, that enable an adept to experience extraordinary sense perceptions (vishayavati) build perseverance and tranquillity (sthiti) of mind (manasah) and establishes (nibandhani) faith in practice.

Making the mind steady brings into being superphysical sensuous cognition. One of the ways in which such cognition is brought about is by concentrating the mind on certain vital centres of the body known as Chakras.

As your concentration deepens, you will start hearing certains sounds. These sounds, known as superphysical sounds, originate at certain points within the body. Bringing the mind to rest on these sounds is considered so effective that a separate branch of Yoga based on this principle has sprung up.

Traps in Supernatural Experiences

It is important to keep in mind that these supernatural feats are not your destiny. There are innumerable supernatural experiences you will encounter as you evolve. Do not become mesmerrised by these and get stuck. These are traps of the physical realm. A Yogi needs to go beyond this to the Absolute.

These experiences are important nevertheless. For grounding of faith. Faith gets firmly established through reassurance and the experiences that come through these types of concentrations are designed especially for this.

If an adept focuses on the tip of the nose, within a few days wonderful fragrances can be smelt. If the adept concentrates at the root of the tongue they begin to hear sounds. If focus is on the tip of the tongue, one begins to taste flavours of delicacies.

If focus is on the middle of the tongue, one feels as if he were coming in contact with something. People who are blind, have this faculty highly developed. If one concentrates the mind on the palate, one begins to see peculiar things.

Beginners usually have lots of doubt, and these doubts becomes the cause of quitting. Some of these concentration exercises, will dispel their doubts, and help establish faith and perserverence.

  • 1.35 vishayavati va pravritti utpanna manasah sthiti nibandhani
  • vishayavati - of the sensing experience

  • va - or (or other practices in 1.34-1.39)

  • pravritti - higher perception, activity, inclinations

  • utpanna arising, appearing, manifesting

  • manasah - mind, mental, manas

  • sthiti - stability, steadiness, stable tranquility, undisturbed calmness

  • nibandhani - firmly establishes, causes, seals, holds