Thoughts and Consciousness

Sutra 1:37 vita raga vishayam va chittam

By focusing on all mind-stuff (chittam ) that give rise to objects (vishayam) of desires and it's attachments (raga), and realizing its meaningless (vita) nature, brings serenity.

When putting attention on the incoming breath, become mindful of any disturbance in the mind (chittam) and you will catch the beginning of a thought taking form. As initially hinted in Sutra-1.34, it is here that a new thought will either start brewing, or the previous thought that was being entertained will get a further boost through the stimulation of Prana.

If you are able to successfully execute this ritual, you will notice that as soon as you put attention on that specific portion of the thought which is being boosted, the entire concept being entertained crumbles like a house of cards. This can be an exhilarating process at times.


Thought never thinks itself, it always thinks others. We never see at any time our own mind contemplating its own self. It always contemplates other persons, other things, and other aspects of life. Source We always think in terms of some thing. That something is what we call life, or at least an aspect of life, not realizing that it is here we give birth to illusions. While we are busy generating illusions, Consciousness stands independent and observes the entire drama.

Since every thought is an involvement in a particular aspect of outward existence, thought never finds time to understand consciousness because it never contemplates standing out of the process to question the nature of reality.

Thought is programmed to rush outward into the field of sensual activities, people, things, and sensationalism. As a result, it never can know what it is itself. Then how is it ever possible for the mind to know what consciousness is?

If you don’t know what and who you are, how can you know what others are? And yet, despite the great confusion and mess the mind is in, we proclaim arrogantly to know all there is to know. Our refusal to accept that we know nothing is what creates and perpetuates ignorance which in turn breeds chaos, aggression, and suffering (Tamas).

The Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness is free from the limitations of the mind and as a result, it is the essential nature of what has been referred to as no-mind. However, we are not saying it is no-mind because once we do, we will bring it into objective world - Maya.

Since it is like no-mind, it is free from impurities of concepts and percepts. This is the nature of supreme and omniscient reality. But as long as the wicked mind has dominance, omniscience will have to take the back seat.

Where there is mind, there will be desires, and where there are desires, there will be suffering, confusion, and ignorance. Once the Consciousness has been fully awakened, concepts and percepts exists no more. As a result, even though consciousness may seem to undergo various psychological experiences, it will not give rise to illusions we refer to as the world, or reality. It will remain pure, untouched - the nature of God.

Conscious Intervention using the Mind Tracker

If we are to free ourselves from this ignorance and suffering, we will have to apply deeper diagnostic tools and techniques to our own life. The Mind Tracker, supplemented by scientific and spiritual knowledge has been developed for this very purpose.

We all know how difficult it is to separate ourselves from our thoughts. Just as you cannot peel your own skin from the body, you cannot dissociate yourself from the mind and conditions of life unless, there is a forced intervention of some sort. The Mind Tracker introduces that intervention.

Whenever you choose to record your thoughts and emotions, you detach yourself from the habitual mental processes and enter an elevated state of consciousness due to the awareness you interject in that moment. Not only do you become mindful of what is happening, but you now have relevant data to decipher the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of the conditioning that are posing barriers in the path of your ceative and spiritual evolution.

The Power of Thought

Thought is more potent than word and deed because the potential for electromagnetic spark is the greatest at the point of thought. This principle is carried to its logical limit not only in ancient spiritual teachings and practices, but also the findings of modern science. The impact of human consciousness on reality - apart from the behaviour action consequences – is largely due to the quantum dynamics of the nerve terminals within us that create the link between the nerve cells and the brain. This transfer of energy between synapses is just one known source of thought energy, or vibration, which studies have shown can impact the past, present, and future.

That which makes up the observable matter is changing every moment until you fix your attention upon it - be that in thought or gaze - at which point it takes a fixed position in reference to your attention while simultaneously existing at other locations. This is known as the law of super positioning and it suggests that there is no such thing as objective reality. In other words, our observation of reality in thought changes reality.

We are participating in the reality we create. Through this truth, one may recognize that nature is richer than the models humans use to describe it. In essence, perception is not reality, but it does become so when we believe what we have been programmed to believe and disregard other possibilities. Since our mentality has become our only recourse to reality, than changing the way we view thought and its relationships to the physical world must precede our current mental conditioning. The thought tracker helps you do just that.

Analyzing The Thought

Watch your thoughts and enquire: What desire is this thought attached with? Ah, so it is a new car with a helipad.

Common Sense Questions

Ask yourself: Why do I want this car? Who, or what gave me the idea that I should have this new car? Who else has this new car? Why is that person influencing, and has power over me in such a way? Have I felt like this about other cars before? When did I stop desiring the car I have now? Since I don't desire the current vehicle anymore, is it possible that in due time I will stop desiring this new car? If yes, than aren't attachments to desires senseless? Eureka!

With every fresh realization, there is a paradigmn shift which makes new impression in the mind and cut new channels though the brain. The march towards Truth is long and hard. In the begining, the ego will protest, but in the light of wisdom, it will always shy away, but it remains, it hides, waits to pounce on you as soon as it sees a weakness.

You will never face an opponent more formidable then your Ego. Ego is the subtlest of the components manifested during the process of creation. This is the final barrier before Union/Yoga is realized.

  • 1:37 vita raga vishayam va chittam
  • vita - without, devoid of

  • raga - attachment, desires, attraction

  • vishayam - objects of the senses

  • chittam - of the consciousness of the mind-field