Concentrating on Good

1.39 yatha abhimata dhyana va

Or by focusing (dhyana) on life-giving desire of one's own (yatha) liking (abhimata), mind is brought under control.

The Law of Attraction

Religions and cultures, around the world, past and present, all teach that what the mind and heart truly desires, it will manifest. The dilema is, in the desire of what, will we cultivate our creative faculties through Yoga?

What is the creative spirit of life that moves through you telling you? What are you meant to do here? Far more people have a gift that they care admit to for reason of being ridiculed, shamed, or ostracised. If not that, then the fear of loss in remuneration, the anguish of falling out of favour amongst friends and foe, colleagues and family.

To conquer the mind, is the greatest achievement, not only in this Universe, but throughout the Cosmos. But few would even want to hear about it for the fear that it would make them look like a fool, while for others, they just are not ready.

In Vasistha's Yoga, Vasistha tells Lord Rama to not make a stand based on his concepts and percepts, which is a result of past conditioning of the mind. The mind has been put together by time and through this duration has acquired great strength. Bring it under control by wisdom before time fells this creeper known as the body.

It is no secret that Yoga calls us to manifest that which is life-giving for all sentient beings. Are you creating, designing, awakening, igniting, inspiring, supporting? Can you help, befriend, teach, empower, heal, love, care, be kind and compassionate? Are you working to build frameworks that foster peace, acceptance, and benevolence?

How Does Law of Attraction Work?

Quantum experiments demonstrated that electrons existed simultaneously in an infinite array of possibilities in an invisible field of energy. They exist but do not manifest in reality until the observer puts their attention on any location of any one electron. This phenomenon is called the “collapse of the wave function”. The moment the observer looks for an electron, there is a specific point in time and space when all probabilities of the electron collapse into a physical event. This tells us that whatever we observe and measure, we manifest.

The Effects of Thoughts and Feelings on our Environment

We interact with the quantum field through our thoughts and feelings. Cellular biologist Glen Rein, Ph.D conducted a series of experiments at HeartMath Research Center to test healer's’ ability to affect biological systems.

His experiments and those of others at HeartMath concluded that just a thought and a feeling is not enough to bring about a change in outer reality. To bring about a change, thought and feeling must be accompanied by intention. And to bring about a positive change in health, wealth and happiness, thought, feeling and intention has to be kind and compassionate in nature. They and others doing research into the physiology of emotions and heart-brain interactions have documented a specific link between our emotional states and our heart rhythms.

The Importance of Kindness and Compassion

In our daily interactions with life, if our thoughts, feelings and intentions are marked with anger and fear, our heart rhythms become erratic and disorganized. As a result we manifest in our lives dissatisfaction and suffering, even though our desire is for the opposite.

If you desire wealth, but have doubts that you will never be able to attain financial success, than no matter how much desire you project, which you will do through worry and rumination; manifestation of destitution shall be your fate. If you wish to write books, work to empower women, work to foster peace, acceptance, and benevolence, but carry resentment and envy in your heart, then what will show up through your efforts are ill-will, aggression, and disdain; not the life giving attributes you want to manifest. To get what you desire, there has to be harmony between your intent and your deep rooted beliefs.

As you focus on that which is good for yourself and all others, your mind begins to quieten down. Over time, your consciousness in which your thoughts swell and abate, witness fewer and fewer swells. In time, there is less and less activity leading to periods when the consciousness experiences no activity. This is when the active mind enters a gap, or singularity. This is when you rest in the Self and merge in Super-consciousness. Once experienced, there is no going back. I guarantee you that.

  • 1.39 yatha abhimata dhyana va
  • yatha - as, according to

  • abhimata - one's own predisposition, choice, desire, want, like, familiarity, agreeableness

  • dhyanat - meditate on