Graduating Towards Subtle Realms

Yoga Sutra 1.47 nirvichara vaisharadye adhyatma prasadah

As you evolve towards Nirvichara Samadhi - the borderline between intuitive mind, and the state of no mind - the adept taps into the power of perceiving the subtle (sukshma) objects such as a persons thoughts and intentions.

There are certain degrees of evolvement available to an adept within the vast province of Samadhi. As an adepts proficiency in working with higher levels of subtelty increase, they gradually attain the ability to work at the unmanifest(Alinga) level. At this stage, all things that we see around us exists only in the form of thought energy. We are still in the grips of nature though.

Different Objects are Subtle to Different Degrees

Functioning within this higher objective realm, the adept can still experience varying degrees of illumination. This, as we saw earlier, is known as Sabija Samadhi. A good example of people who operate within this mental dimension, are scientists.

It is conceivable, for example, that a scientist may discover many of the truths underlying the physical world by means of Samadhi and yet remain absolutely unaware of the deeper spiritual truths which are associated with spirituality.   source

However, Samyama at this stage, does not avail an adept the perception of the highest truth in which the fundamental unity of life can be experienced.

As you evolve higher towards Nirvicara Samadhi, you reach the borderline that separates the intellect from the next higher spiritual principle known as Buddhi, or intuition.

Through daily practice, when the intensity, duration, and quality of person's meditation increases, they begin to naturally spend more time in the light of Intuitive Perception - Buddhi, which is the source of wisdom and spirituality.

When you become naturally intuitive , the intellect ceases to be a slave of the lower self and becomes a willing instrument in the pursuit of the highest truth because the vibration of your being starts to resonate with higher energy.

You will no longer be motivated by materialistic pursuits. Money will cease to have any value for you. The pursuit for the highest will become your natural motivation, which will then be reflected in your creations, or vocation.

Eventually, as you transcend the veil of all latent thought expressions and graduate to a state of no mind, you become one with Consciousness, the Absolute.

  • Yoga Sutra 1.47 nirvichara vaisharadye adhyatma prasadah
  • nirvichara - devoid of subtle thoughts

  • vaisharadye - with undisturbed flow

  • adhyatma - spiritual, regarding the atman or true Self

  • prasadah - purity, luminosity, illumination, clearness