Evolving from Mind to Consciousness

Yoga Sutra 1.48 ritambhara tatra prajna

As the mind is transcended through practice of Yoga, the Yogi gets an insight (prajna) into their true nature as Consciousness, or Absolute.

This sutra gives importance to the emergence of a new type of awareness, or Consciousness, which shines forth through dissipation of the mind. This process is known as Ritambhara. Ritam means Right, and Bhara which means to behold. Thus, beholding the Self as Consciousness, which is our true identity.

Mind is reflected Consciousness. It is the reflected Consciousness, that powers our nervous system. Man was made in the image/reflection of God. When a Yogi, through ardent meditation uplifts their soul towards goodness – even if for a moment – they are pulled forth and guided by a whole suite of intelligent souls who have gone before them - through insight and intuition.

Universal Memory

Earlier I mentioned that nature has memory and keeps record of all events since creation. People have called this field by different names such as Akashic Records, Super Consciousness, Super Ether, The Field of Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omniscience, and Brahma Gyan. The wisdom stored in this library of memory is made available to one’s soul when that soul is found deserving by nature.

Morphic Resonance

Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.

The more people there are engaging in a certain activity, the greater the chances for one to be attracted in that direction. This is apparent throughout our society as far as pursuit of material acquisition is concerned.   source

There are very few people who will work for the higher good without remuneration. For these selfless souls, they cannot do anything even remotely associated with greed and materialism, and as a result, they suffer tremendously until they realize what is happening and why it is happening. In this moment of clarity, they clearly comprehend the purpose for which they took physical form and chose their living circumstances.

They realize that the purpose of their challenges is to empower them serve and evolve. In this moment they see in slow motion, how life is presenting them their greatest gifts wrapped in their worst nightmares, and from this very experience, they step out into the world forever fearless.

This morphic, or form-shaping field give a holistic shape to the future personal characteristics needed in an adept who is aspiring towards a certain ideal. This field guides the soul through tasks and experiences which in time will make them into the being that they have come into design for. In other words, they rise into the higher form for which birth was sought, while all the time being guided by an intelligence fit for the job.

This collective field of memory can be both, positive and negative. There is memory in nature for collective ill will, aggression, and disdain; as well as empathy, love, and compassion. Both, Richard Sheldrake and David Hawkins point out that within the body of memory are Attractors that pull a person as they evolve. The power that pulls them guides them towards higher energy through insight and intuition.

As a person transcends the habitual energy patterns that perpetuates greed, anger, envy, and destruction, they are pulled by a force that stands in anticipation for the brave and courageous to break free from the societal norms that encourage and reward material worship. The opposite is also true for those who sink lower through habitual inclinations that resonate with attachments and aversions.


In wisdom, one does not reason, nor contemplate. Wisdom is faculty of the Spirit, and as such, age, education, status, power, talent, or wealth has no bearing on how wise you are. A young addict living on the streets can be far wiser than the university professor or the business magnate in front of whose office our friend panhandles.

A wise person may not have business acumen, and a person who has business acumen is not necessarily wise. Socrates was wise but ended up with poison, while his persecutors were ignorant, and incompetent hypocrites; yet, were materially secure and influential within society. Money and books can never impart wisdom, its only promise is a brief respite against insecurity and self loathing which we mistaken for salvation. Wisdom comes from going within, from silence.

  • Yoga Sutra 1.48 ritambhara tatra prajna
  • ritambhara - beholding higher truth, supreme cognition

  • prajna - knowledge, wisdom, insight

  • tatra - therefore, there