The Trap

Sutra 1:8 - Shame

We continuously seek attention and appreciation through striving for, and getting that which we feel will bring us the respect and love of our family, friends, peers, and sometimes, even those we don't know. Some of us seek it through degrees, while others by making money or running after fame. Most people would do anything to lessen the degree of insecurity and pain caused by a shame based identity.

Sutra 1:8 viparyaya mithya jnanam atad rupa pratisthan

Incorrect knowledge or illusion (viparyaya) is false knowledge formed through ignorance. For example, the nature (rupa) of sexual thoughts, or enjoyment of material acquisition, or the use of drugs and alcohol, that initially seems pleasurable (mithya), later on introduces dissatisfaction and lack(atad) while perpetuating and intensifying the cycle of emptiness, and anxiety.

The Trap

Stress and suffering associated with anxiety, depression, fear and addiction are the children of wrong knowledge. The stress and suffering that ensues in lieu of wrong knowledge is due to the hijacking of our discerning faculties through a well planned and executed manipulation of our drive and affiliation inclinations by people who have managed to convince us beyond a shred of doubt that only their definition of success is true; all else, including the calling of our heart. When this happens, all our inbred talents and potentialities are surpassed by ourselves to do someone elses bidding.

Powers that benefit by keeping us in ignorance through propagation of wrong knowledge are well acquainted with our weaknesses, including our desire for companionship and our need for security and praise. The instigator just has to provide a stimulus that says, "this is what you need to do to be happy and loved", and we do the rest to create relentless misery. An alcoholic at least gets a product. Most of the so called normal people, hanker in circles over empty promises.

The Yogis Quest

Without regulation, external or from within our own moral codes, out of control drives and desires - due to wrong knowledge - can lead to the worst types of insecurities leading to envy, greed, and limitless atrocities. The knowledge of the Yoga Sutras, and the tools in, acts as a regulator in providing balance and direction between our virtuous and questionable thoughts and intentions.

A Yogi is like a hero or heroine who picks up the quest of their purpose in life and is carried forward by mystical forces that are constellated by this very quest. The Yogi summons what they can internally and externally to meet the demands of the quest, which, by its very nature will require more than what they will ever be able to gather alone. Secondly, they go on a mythic journey, during which they encounter supernatural forces or extraordinary situations, that demand extraordinary responses from them and assistance from beyond the ordinary mind and everyday reality.

In the process of meeting these demands, overcoming obstacles, persevering, discovering hidden supports, and so forth, they develop unnerving skills and strength, profound awareness, an open heart, deep compassion, or some other qualities that are beyond the natural capacity of the five senses. In this way, they are initiated into a higher mode of being and functioning. As they move further in their journey - after having been through the ordeal and initiation - they take possession of something of great value. It may seem they found it in some remote place or in the archetype of the spiritual quest, but no, it is found within them.


Eventually you, the hero, will return to your community, nation, or humanity with extraordinary gifts in the form of talents, skills, and an evolved consciousness to contribute positively towards life. The higher the journey, the greater the sacrifices demanded. Look at the cause of Gandhi. That battle did not happen overnight and not without Titanic struggles within and overwhelming conflicts without, with powers of government and wealth that opposed Gandhi and his selfless way of thinking and functioning. This platform has been developed to help you squeeze out every bit of talent and goodness that you have in you so that you can use it for the benefit of others while living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  • 1.8 viparyaya mithya jnanam atad rupa pratisthan
  • viparyayah - unreal cognition, indiscrimination, perverse cognition, wrong knowledge, misconception, incorrect knowing, not seeing clearly

  • mithya - the sweet illusory ideas and concepts behind temptations

  • atad - not its own, not that

  • rupa - form, nature, appearance around which certain beliefs are constructed

  • pratistham - stubborn, possessing, established, occupying, steadfast, standing