Laying the Trap

Marketing Industry

The marketing industry is all about the solicitation of our fantasy and imagination thought patterns which appeal to our drive and resource seeking system. We have been programmed from birth by our upbringing, society, educational systems, competitive businesses, and the media on elevating the excitement, and drive based emotions associated with pride in accomplishment, owning, and controlling.

Sutra 1:9 shabda jnana anupati vastu shunyah vikalpah

Through incorrect knowledge, your imagination (vikalpa) is stimulated by soliciting a thought pattern in your mind through media, or some form of lie that invokes a certain idea or feeling to the spoken word (shabda), but for which there is no such object or reality in existence; just empty (shunya) promises.

Creating and Promoting of Illusion

Each human being is born and wired with an irresistible desire to impress, procreate, and relate to other humans. Knowledge of these base level desires leave us susceptible to gross levels of manipulation by corporations, politicians, media, educational systems, and even our parents, partners, and associates. People who can manufacture the idea of romance, by stimulating our faculties of imagination, know that there is great power in the animalistic desire of affiliation within us. Or any other need for that matter.

These people use our lack of knowledge to their advantage by launching dating sites, youth rejuvenation products, and numerous cruises and vacation packages, to name a few. Excitation of the fantasy neuron is capitalized upon by all for-profit businesses to produce the desires in their unsuspecting, and unaware customers. Tons and tons of misery through false promises is perpetuated on a daily basis by the media through TV and other channels.

Spend some time watching television advertisements over the next few days and notice how many of them appeal to our excitement states activated through imagination: excited, smiling people getting hyped up for all kinds of reasons related to the goods and services on thousands of offers. There is no evidence in the promise that these things will make us happy. And every time we achieve what we have been pursuing, a shot of dopamine is released in our brain, which gives us much pleasure. This is known as positive reinforcement. source

Subliminal Advertising

Not too long ago, there were advertisements flashed in theatres and on TV that were too fast for our senses to perceive but not for the subconscious to register. The general public was never aware that they were being manipulated into buying pop and candy. Shortly after the advertisement would flash, the audience would feel the craving for junk food. These flashes would appear just before the interval and researchers soon discovered that whenever the audience were shown these images, there would be long lines outside the cafeteria. When they were not, there would be no business. Thankfully, these tactics have since been outlawed.

As mentioned earlier, this ‘buzz’ associated with achieving and owning is like an addiction-partly because we are constantly trying to get and maintain this high by over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. The feeling of an ‘adrenalin rush’ is a product of the Sympathetic Nervous System. It may feel good at first, but is always followed by a feeling of fatigue, as this system uses up energy and depletes the body.

  • 1.9 shabda jnana anupati vastu shunyah vikalpah
  • shabda - word, sound, verbal expression

  • jnana - by knowledge, knowing

  • atad - not its own, not that which it is being portrayed as, facade, a lie

  • anupati - following, in sequence, depending upon

  • vastu - a reality, real object, existent

  • shunyah - zero, devoid, without, empty, nothingness

  • vikalpah - imagination, verbal misconception or delusion, fantasy, hallucination